Video - Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive range of video production services with a highly professional approach and hardworking ethic accross the UK and often futher afield. Our clients include large global brands, SMEs, non-profit organisations, bands & musicians and private individuals.

We are happy to work on projects spanning the entire production cycle or just particular elements as required. Each project, whether large or small is treated as genuinely unique.

Our production processes are flexible enough to cope with just about anything. We bring our end to end production experience to ensure your project is well planned, shot and edited. We pay particular attention to framing, lighting, audio and cutting as we strongly believe these are the key elements to successfully producing a film that effectively communicates the subject, idea, story or performance and achieving the intended look and feel.

We really love what we do.

A range of creative pre-production services and project management functions to ensure that the film ultimately achieves what it needs to. These range from treatment and storyboard development through to location scouting and the sourcing / scheduling of talent, crew and equipment.

We can also help with a variety of associated questions and concerns you may have from creative assistance on matters such as developing a strategy to get your message to its intended audience to practical problems such as sourcing funding for your project.

Professionally deploying and operating the right camera, lighting and audio equipment for the needs of the individual project. We shoot mostly with a combination of multi sensor 50MB/s 4:2:2 broadcast approved cameras and full frame DSLRs with fast lenses to achieve "that" cinematic feel. We own a comprehensive range of video and audio capture equipment to cover most requirements.

The core of our post-production workflow is Grass Valley EDIUS. We have multiple suite-based and highly mobile implementations which literaly allows us to efficiently "edit anything anywhere" to the highest standards. Where required, we also utilise tools from Adobe and others to provide specific audio and video post-production enhancements.

We are able to encode your film to match the requirements of any online delivery channel. In addition to uploading and tagging you film, we can create and manage channels for you. We can also master and title for DVD and Blu-ray.

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