VIDEO - Community Projects

We work with individuals and organisations on personal and socially engaged projects within the community to document and raise awareness of specific projects and capabilities.

These span a wide range including artistic (groups and collectives), third sector organisations and community volunteer groups. We have good empathetic skills in, and enjoy the rewards of, working with people and groups who have particularly challenging needs.

We can help you produce:

Interviews & talking heads
Controlled interview style lighting and framing with one or more persons talking about their work and/or project engagement edited together with relevant cutaways.

Films of around 2-5 minutes duration showcasing a specific event, project or subject. Recent rewarding examples have included projects documenting practising socially engaged artists, community dementia programmes and young musicians.

Long-form films
More in-depth studies than the short-form durations. These allow subjects to be covered in the fullest detail and are often a good choice where the potential audience is drawn from many different perspectives. They are also suitable as an aid for rolling out pilot-schemes and best practices to a wider audience.

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