VIDEO - Music & Artists

We work with artists, bands, musicians and music industry organisations producing footage of live concerts, studio sessions and promotional videos.

We have extensive experience working with musicians in both live concert and studio settings across a wide variety of genres. In addition to video, we understand audio and are able to capture and post-process sound or work with your engineer to take a sound feed direct from the desk and/or at a later time once mastered.

We have worked with artists across a wide range of genres. These include Howard Jones, Geno Washington, Shuffler and Critical Mass though we are just as happy working with up-and-coming regional bands to create something that matches their creative vision and helps promote their music.

We have worked for companies within the music industry such as Fender and Yamaha on numerous projects showcasing their products, affiliated artists, events and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

On occassion we are able to use our network to match artistic talent with brands to help facilitate relationships for one-off instrument and equipment showcases / endorsement projects or longer term affiliations.

Musicians are not the only creative people we work with! We have undertaken many projects for and with visual artists, sculptors, writers and socially engaged practitioners on a range of commissions such as promoting the individual artist and documenting creative processes, projects outputs and outcomes.

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